The Future of Exit Planning

Value Scout is the world's first AI assisted value creation platform built to help entrepreneurs and advisors assess business value, implement growth plans, and build a successful exit strategy.

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80% of owners fail to achieve a successful exit. Beat the odds by using Value Scout's exit planning toolset to create value and exit on your terms.

Drive More Successful Exits

We believe every business owner should be able to successfully exit their business on their terms. Value Scout is exit planning software that enables entrepreneurs and their advisors to co-create value, which is the most important factor in planning a successful exit.

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Assess Value Today

An industry range is too vague. A formal valuation too expensive. Value Scout uses a data-driven algorithm with human QA to give your clients an accurate assessment of their business value right now.


Quantify the Value Gap

Most owners need their business to be worth more. But how much more? Our Exit Modeler pinpoints the gap between where your clients are today and where they need to be tomorrow.

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Grow Value for Tomorrow

Most value creation efforts fail in execution. More than a one-time action plan, Value Scout lets you develop, execute, and monitor progress of all your clients' value creation plans, all in one place.

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Win More Exit Planning Work

Value Scout gives you a framework and a set of useful tools to make closing value creation consulting and exit planning work much easier.

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Value Scout Features:

  • Manage 1 or 100 clients in one place
  • Useful questionnaires to start new engagements
  • Accurate assessments of enterprise value
  • Pinpoint the value gap
  • Model paths to exit using our Exit Modeler
  • Findings help identify value creation opportunities
  • Algorithm indicates likelihood of success
  • Build long range, annual and quarterly client plans
  • Translate quarterly plans into weekly tasks
  • See client progress against those plans real-time
  • Bring in all key executives in a client team

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“We believe every business owner should be able to successfully exit their business on their terms. Value Scout enables you to be the advisor that makes that happen.”

- Sara Hartary, Founder of Bizopsolved

“I am spending my weekend listening to the webinars on your website. Very glad I came across your company. Great information and a path to success.”

- Angela, Wealth Advisor of Ameriprise Financial Services

“Brilliant. Wow, you have really broken through the 'what do I do next' veil. Nice work!!! This is exactly what advisers need”

- Julie, Certified Exit Planning Advisor of KeyeStrategies, LLC

“I really like the way you are articulating the need for value creation in the exit planning industry.”

- Ed, ESOP Board Member of RC Construction Services, Inc

“The Value Scout education platform and ongoing webinar series are so valuable to our value advisory practice.  We needed a true thought leader to rise up and provide the insights and tools to further establish ourselves in this relatively new industry niche.  Thanks to Dan and the VS team for listening and delivering!”

- Bryan CEPA®, Certified Exit Planning Advisor of The Crestwell Group, LLC